This is a simple bowl of cottage cheese but it’s beautiful in its simplicity and one of my favorite shots from this shoot.

One of the most fascinating parts of photography are the before and after pictures. I will forever be completely mystified at the beauty in the final product, but it just isn’t the same type of “mystified”, if I can’t see the utter chaos beforehand. The final product is normally not how you would expect it to turn out. I am more appreciative as a viewer if I can make the connection of, “this beautiful result came from that mess”. Kind of like how you appreciate a song more if you can relate to the struggle of the message coming through.  

The set up.

There’s a psychology to it.

I think psychologically seeing a, “behind the scenes” completes the “story” line of how our brain has been wired to work. We have been trained from an early age that everything is a process. Life is a process, so we relate that process to everything. We as humans need a beginning, a middle, and an end, and this process is what I thrive on. When I take pictures I try my best, as with any artist, to tell a story. It could be five different stories, to five different people but the story is important and needs to be told. However, some of my other projects I purposely just take a shot and let the viewer make the choice on what I was trying to convey. I think that producing a good mix of both is important in keeping the viewer’s interest in whatever you are producing.  

Different angles are so important and can make or break an entire shoot.
The perfect lighting!

This is my bright and sunny kitchen. I shot these in the early evening, about 5:30 when we get the best sun through this side of the house. On most nights during the dead of summer, this entire West end of the house lights up pink, purple, with a faint hint of baby blue. It’s breathtaking! Texas has the best of everything but the sunsets are my favorite.


Keep a lookout for more pictures from this shoot!

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