Before I get too far into telling you about the GENIUS behind this Indian Sculpture, I need to give a little bit of a backstory first. Back in April of this year my husband and I were looking for a place to spend our anniversary that was coming up in June. We went over a few ideas and  A LOT of research and we ended up with San Antonio.

We had never been there, we both wanted to see The Alamo, and we have always wanted to see the Riverwalk. So as I started the research for it, looking for a Hotel, I came across a haphazardly taken picture of an Indian statue, and from first glance, I fell in love with it and I NEEDED to see it in person. Weirdly, I couldn’t find much information on it, just several pictures are taken by tourists that led to no information at all. So we spent 4 full days in San Antonio and I can honestly say that standing with my jaw on the floor in front of this sculpture for 5 straight minutes and taking this picture was the highlight of the trip.

The city as a whole is just not a good place to go. The prices on everything are outrageous, you have to pay to park to do anything, the locals are rude, which makes the tourists rude, and the food wasn’t anything to write home about. Put it this way….. we drove by The Alamo but never bothered to go in and see it because we were so devastated that the place was such a letdown. If you can stomach the place and maneuver yourself through the crowds, abandon and boarded-up buildings and the homeless everywhere, you should, however, go to The Briscoe Western Art Museum. It is peaceful, full of information and secure! What I mean by “SECURE” is the one security guard followed us (and he made it obvious) the entire time was in there. The lady at the front desk was rude but maybe she was having a bad day, who knows! By the time I made it to the museum, her attitude and the security guard were what I used to so it really didn’t bother me all that much. So the place as a whole was a HUGE letdown but the pictures were worth it. 


                                   Above; The full statue of “How Many More?”

The Genius behind the Art….

The Genius behind this sculpture is Blair Buswell, a sculptor, unfortunately not too well known for his amazing works. Blair has been the sculptor of the NFL hall of fame busts since 1983 and has graced the world with approximately 88 busts of NFL legends since then. Blair Buswell’s first bust for the pro-Football Hall of Fame was of legendary coach, Sid Gillman, who spent his lengthy career with several teams across the decades. 

Mr. Buswell’s sculptures go far beyond just busts for the NFL, and they are just as amazing as the Indian bust, which he fittingly named, “How Many More?”. It is on display at The Briscoe Western Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas, in the heart of downtown. I’ve included a link for the museum if you ever find yourself in San Antonio and want to get out of the rat race of tourists. For the most part, the museum is a very calming place to learn a bit of Texas and American history. It’s also interactive so it will keep you and the family engaged. It’s wonderfully put together and maintained magnificently.  


I’ve also included a link to Blair Buswell’s website below. You can find out where you can see his other works, as they are scattered all over the country at several different venues. Trust me on this….you will be glad that you went out of your way to see anything he has done. I can only hope and pray I will be able to see him in person one day to autograph the picture I took that I have now put on canvas for my home. 


I have also included an extremely interesting article that was written by ESPN on Blair Buswell in August of 2015. It chronicles how he goes about making a bust for the NFL. I myself am a football lover but I think that anyone would find it interesting on how anyone can take a block of clay and turn it into a breathtaking sculpture that people drive hours or even days to see and take pictures of. 


In my opinion, Blair Buswell is an Art Genius and if not for him I would not have one of my all-time favorite pictures. Any pictures were taken of his work honestly do not do them justice. The creases, the detail, the stare of the Indian is literally breathtaking. I just stood there in absolute amazement at the sheer beauty of it and how real it looked. I felt then, as I feel now, that I was SO LUCKY to just be in the presence of this sculpture. This one photo made the entire trip worth every minute. 

Below; The actual picture that I had put on canvas to hang in my home. I have it hanging on a door for the picture/post, but it will be hung in my dining room. It looks a lot more brown online than it really is and there is no chromatic aberration (CA) on the actual picture. 


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  1. Sorry you had to endure rudeness and inconvenience but, THANK YOU for your consideration and post.

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