Let me just start off by saying; I sure love the Holidays, but I also love when they’re over. I swear, my life from August to January is CRAZY and non-stop every single day of every year. I start off confident and excited, then I end up barely staying alive, in a fog, losing days and time, with a death grip on a cup of something caffeinated, not knowing exactly how I got here, or how I even survived. So, I am super glad to be back, and now that everything “should” slow down maybe I can post more on a regular basis…LOL….pray for me! 

Here we have my husband’s first attempt at making Prime Rib! He really makes me angry sometimes, because he’s SO good at cooking. This is his first attempt! HIS. FIRST. ATTEMPT. My first attempt would have lit the neighborhood on fire and I would be recovering in the nearest emergency room. But, after I witnessed how he had to prepare and cook it, I am glad it was him rather than me. As I have stated in several posts before, there are certain things I can cook REALLY well and the rest he aces every time. This was another one that he knocked out of the park! We have never had Prime Rib at home before, and this one was whole and on the bone. It tasted amazing, the texture was softer than I expected, even though it looks like it was over seasoned, it was perfect in every way. I like my steak with garlic butter, so once I added that it was absolutely PERFECT! 


One of my most favorite parts of the whole meal was that it photographed REALLY WELL! In my opinion, whenever you photograph anything in a cast-iron skillet it looks amazing and “current” no matter the decade. I took about 10 shots and these two were my favorite. The editing captures the seasoning well, the savory juice at the bottom and it’s like you can almost taste it! The two separate looks that I applied are both leaning towards the dark photography but this was just something that needed to be highlighted and not portrayed too dark. 

If you are interested in making your own Prime Rib here is the recipe to the site, “The Recipe Critic”; If you make it let me know how it came out!

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