Well, I decided to delve into food photography once again and this shoot came out better than the last one. Practice makes perfect, right!?! Well, this is FAR from perfect but I am well on my way to where I want to be, so I will take it! Don’t forget to read the other article I posted on Food Photography here;  Food Photography.

I decided to go with fruit because of its bright colors and it seemed easy enough to pose. This shoot went really well and fast, thank goodness. I took about 25-30 pictures within about 10 minutes, which was good because I didn’t take into account the fruit juices to settle and ruin the sugar. So if you are trying to photograph fruit be aware of the juice that settles over time, other than that it photographs great! 


Out of the 25-30 shots I took, I ended up with about 7 that I fell in love with. I am a lover of high contrast, and overpowered color. I believe in any photo the stronger the contrast and the more intense the color the more of an impact the photo makes on its viewer…..and isn’t that the point of photography??? To make an impact right!?! 


These blueberries are my favorite, they photographed so flawlessly and they take on they’re own aura. Even though the Blueberries are one solid color, they have their own dimensions and I was able to apply my favorite edits and they still look amazing. 

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