I FINALLY DID IT!! I got some decent photos of my “sweet” babies! I knew it wouldn’t be easy so I enlisted my husband to help me with doing a few portraits of our babies. I am not going to lie, it was a mess; we went through almost a half of a bag of treats, they all ran in different directions, they almost pulled down the backdrop, almost knocked over my photography lights, and two separate times I ran into a wall and a dining room chair trying to stop them from running away……but I managed to get a few shots in. 

Zena is 4, the oldest, she’s the Red (Brown) Doberman, Paizley is the 4-pound Teacup Yorkie, she is 3, and Zodiac is the Grey (Fawn) colored Doberman on the right, he is 2. 

Let me start off by ruining every stigma, everyone seems to have about Doberman’s. They ARE NOT evil, vicious or demons! In fact, they are the sweetest most caring and loving dogs I’ve ever owned. They are EXTREMELY stubborn and can be very protective of their owners and property if they don’t know you, but other than that you should be good to go. But, if you have ever been around a dog EVER in your life, you know that ANY DOG can and will attack if they feel threatened. It’s is the way of the canine world, in ALL breeds. 

All three of my babies are purebred and other than the Yorkie I owned previous to Paizley we have ALWAYS adopted from shelters. We did search everywhere for YEARS for a rescue group or a shelter to adopt the Doberman’s from ( I have wanted to own a Doberman since I was a little girl, so I searched everywhere) and I couldn’t find any that were “clean” and not inbreeding. 


Zena (aka; Beans) this dog is my heart, and she saved my sanity after I lost my first Teacup Yorkie in a tragic way. Her favorite people are me and our youngest son Gabriel (aka; Chako, we have nicknames for everyone! LOL!) Zena will argue with you, she will sit and give you the “sad puppy face”, she will just sit there and growl until you give in, or if she is desperate she will thrash her head back and forth all while barking, until you give her what she wants. Zena snores, takes up the majority of the bed, argues, throws fits (literally), and is quick to show you who REALLY rules the roost, but I love this dog more than I can express, and I don’t know what I would do without her.

We actually stumbled upon the sign for her in a store parking lot. I only went to the store for ONE THING, and that one thing changed our lives so drastically. We found the address from the sign in the parking lot, pull into the driveway, and as I round the car and walk to the fence and out of nowhere, here comes this one specific puppy, ears flopping all over, and she runs right to me. I knew I HAD TO HAVE HER! We marked her nail with orange nail polish, gave our deposit and came back once a week to visit her until we brought her home three weeks later. Every time we went to visit, she ran up to me, only her, the puppy with the orange nail. 


 Oh, Zodiac (aka; Spaz and Zodi-smack, he runs into a lot of things)! This boy here was unexpected and a blessing we didn’t even know we needed. Zodiac is 2 years old but acts like he is a puppy. Honestly, he has more energy than a dozen puppies all put together. When we originally got Zena we were pretty positive we wanted a boy too, but later down the line. We were NEVER planning on breeding them because I would never be able to give away the puppies, we just wanted a boy and a girl. Soooo, TWO YEARS LATER, and out of the clear blue, we get a random text with a picture of a group of Grey Doberman puppies. I immediately fell in love.

At this time though we are realllllllly needing to think about what to do because Zena has put us through the wringer during her first year, and at that time had barely calmed down. Doberman’s are not like any other puppy, you can’t take your eyes off of them. They are like 5 toddlers on level 10, 24 hours a day! I know most of you are saying, “that is how puppies are”, NO, I have owned A LOT of dogs, and Doberman’s are not like any other puppy I have EVER raised. EVER!

My husband and I went the next day to see if we even connected with a puppy and if so, we would put a deposit down. I have a very specific way of picking a puppy, I let them pick me. I sit in the middle and whichever one comes to me over and over is the one I take, this method has been successful for decades. Zodiac did the same thing Zena did, he fought his brothers and sisters to get to me. He came right to me every time I came to see him, just like Zena. I always joke about it, like they were saying, “That’s MY sucker, stay away, that one is MINE!” LOL! Sometimes I really believe it is true.

We came back 2 weeks later to pick him up and as we stood there giving this man the remaining balance for him, I almost backed out because after Zena I couldn’t do another entire year of a SPAZ, AGAIN! But I see “signs” in situations, and the fact that Zena and Zodiac were born on the EXACT SAME DAY two years apart, I thought someone was trying to tell me something. Looking back, and as much work is Zodiac is, I think I was right. 

For the first 2 weeks, we had him home, Zodiac slept in the bed with us and the girls were not having any of that! I didn’t get any sleep and him and the Paizley stayed up playing for, what seemed like FOREVER! So, we pretty much MADE our oldest son Zac take him to his room, “for the night”…. and that is when Zodiac became his second child (Zac already has an 8-year-old son, Zayden). Zodiac is 2 now, and still a spaz, we got him fixed at 7 months old, they said that would calm him down. THEY LIED! He has never calmed down and he is on ten at all times. Zodiac is the sweetest, most kind and gentle dog I have ever seen in my life. He wrestles with Zena and they get pretty rowdy but he never hurts her, he loves to cuddle with everyone and is so good with Zayden and he adores his little Paizley like no other. 

And then there is Paizley…….. the “Tiny Terror” of the house……………

Paizley (aka; Beasley/Bees Knees/Bees to Mommas’s knees) she is super cute but by no means, sweet. Both Yorkie’s I have owned are mean as hell and very territorial. Although I love them and I will always own one, Yorkies do not listen at all, and they pick and choose who is their favorite. Our last Yorkie Bella, I was her person and no one else could have me. She would get mad at my kids if they tried to show me affection. BUT, Paizley only really likes me when she is in some sort of distress, getting in trouble, she wants to see what food we are making or eating, and then she MAKES ME hold her. Paizley prefers to lay on, and with her Daddy rather than me. She is sneaky, barks at random things, and nothing at all, all at the same time. Paizley is quite the character and blends in with the Doberman’s perfectly, she is their “Spokesperson”. As a puppy, I taught Paizley to flick the doorstop when she has to use the bathroom, I did this because she was SO tiny and sometimes got lost in the shuffle. So now, when the others want something, they enlist “The Minion Paizley” to flick the doorstop until one of us gives the pack what they want. Zena was 1 year old when we got Paizley so surprisingly enough, Zena took her in as her baby and takes care of her as such. Zena understands that I am “Momma”, but when Paizley is acting up Zena and Zodiac are right there to smack her around. Literally, they smack her! Zodiac is more gentle with Paizley than Zena but they both have the patience of really good parents when it comes to Paizley. **(There’s no individual picture of Paizley because I was too busy running after the other two to snap one-off.)**

We almost lost Paizley 3 days after we brought her home due to Parvo and just about every other parasite a puppy could get. We picked her up on a Friday and within hours I knew something was wronged she needed a vet.  So when Monday came around, she was at the vet as soon as they opened their doors. The vet explained as sweet as she possibly could, that Paizley would more than likely not make it through the treatment due to the high level of several infections and because she only weighed 1 pound when she was admitted. I literally couldn’t think, or function at all, knowing that she was dying, all alone. So, I called into work, put everything off and sat by her side on-and-off the rest of the week she was at the vet. The day I had to go back to work, I got a call from the vet saying that Paizley tested negative for everything that she tested positive for when we brought her in and I could come and get her after I got off work. She also said that Paizley was the littlest puppy she had ever saved in 15 years of being a Vet. Paizley is her success story! I heard this, and in the middle of my office, with all of my employees looking at me, I burst into happy tears!!!! The “Tiny Terror” is crazy, a pain, and she SERIOUSLY thinks she’s a Doberman, but she is my baby and I would be lost without her.

These three “Dogs” are not just dogs to us, they’re our family, our babies and they have saved our sanity in one way or another. They irritate all of us, they work our last nerve, they argue with us and each other, they don’t listen at times, they cost an arm and a leg to feed and take to the Vet, but we all would be lost without them and this house would never feel like a home without each one of them. 



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