Hey there and Happy Hump Day!! The title of this entry is, “It’s Fall Y’all!”, well for most of you it is. I, however, live in Houston, Texas where we don’t get season’s, so today it was HOT…AGAIN, with the heat index over 100 degrees, according to the local news. It’s October…UGH! I’m over it………………………………

Anyway, I sure hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far. So let’s get into it! 

These pics that I am posting today are a few that I took about 2- weeks ago, and I am in LOVE with the way they turned out. Quite a few months back I bought two softbox lights, ordered some new bulbs recently and finally got a chance to put them to use. I know I will get a few messages that ask; “What’s your Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, and Camera Type??? The only thing I can confirm for you is that I shoot Canon, and as of now, ONLY CANON! The rest of it, I don’t pay too much attention to.

I know, I know, the photography community is having ten kinds of heart attacks, and completely freaking out. I know what the settings do and what they all mean, but I shoot until I am happy with the photo, no matter the setting. I shoot until the photo matches what I pictured in my head from before I ever set anything into motion. I shoot what I feel is right, and only then do I stop. I don’t care what setting it is on, or what “amateur mode” or “professional mode” it is. Even if I told you what all my setting were, and which angle I took it from, how many breathes I took in between shots or did I take a breath when I pushed the shutter button!? You could be in the same situation, using the same settings, angles and get a totally different outcome. That is what makes Photography absolutely magical in my opinion, everyone is different, no matter the circumstances and equipment.  

Honestly, I have only really needed to use manual mode a handful of times. I feel that if you have “it”, then you have it and if not it will scream it from the rooftops loud and clear through your photos. I think I am decent, no Ansel Adams but I get better with time and practice.  IMG_1212

I know I say this A LOT, and I imagine that I will say it A LOT more, or at least I hope I will….but these are some of my favorite shots. LOL!

This was my first attempt at; seasonal, close up, with professional photography equipment, in my dining room, with my husband there to move props and lights around if needed. He picked these Pumpkins up at Kroger, on sale and they’re real.  These are edited in a few different programs, but not too much to be “altering” or anything photoshopped in or out. I am pretty proud of myself. 


The picture above is a little more “muted” for those who like the older style looks. By the way, ALL of my pics are available for purchase, just drop me a line. Thanks for taking the time to visit! 

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