1892 Bishop’s Palace, Galveston.

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This Grand Beauty is 1892 Bishop’s Palace and quite the palace it is. Also known as The Gresham House it’s located at 1402 Broadway Avenue J in Galveston, Texas, right along the main strip in Galveston. Bishop’s is literally breathtaking, and if you are ever on the Island this has got to be a stop you make. 

Built between 1887 – 1892, for Colonel Walter Gresham, his Wife Josephine and their nine children. Gresham and his family relocated to the Galveston area from Virginia after Colonel Gresham served in the Civil War. Colonel Gresham was the founder of The Gulf Colorado, and The Sante Fe Railroad, he also served in the Texas Legislation. 


The 1892 Bishop’s Palace was designed by Nicholas J. Clayton, who had a hand in designing so many of the amazing structures in Galveston. Here are some links to some of them that I have had the pleasure of photographing. 

Sacred Heart Church is located directly next door to Bishop’s Palace so you can enjoy both at the same time, amongst numerous others located along Broadway Avenue J. In the next few days I will be putting up a post of a few rooms of the inside of Bishop’s Palace. They are spectacular and a must see in person. If you ever find yourself in Galveston please go visit, you will not be disappointed. They offer tours to fit any budget and are fascinating with all of the historic information. They also welcome photography, so that makes the tour even better. 



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