Back in June my husband and I celebrated our Anniversary in a little town about 4 hours from us, in Fredericksburg, Texas. If you have read any of my other posts you are well aware of how much I absolutely fell in love with this sleepy little Texas town. 

While we were there, driving around, looking for photo-ops we came upon a little park in the middle of town. From the street, the park appears like a normal park but once I stepped out of the car and onto the curb, I could see a little flower garden, so of course, that is where I headed first. For a split moment, it looked like any normal, random flower garden but the closer I got I noticed that there were hundreds of butterflies. I LOVE BUTTERFLIES! From the moment I set eyes on this garden, I felt like I was a 6 year old on Christmas morning. I am not the nature type or even a person with a green thumb, but I love to photograph all of it. Butterflies, in particular, fascinate me because of the changes that they go through in their span of life. Butterflies represent what I believe we all go through to learn over our lifetime. We all learn, we all grow and we all evolve, and hopefully, in the end, we all know the meaning of, peace.

There is a butterfly garden open to the public in Galveston where I spend a lot of time, and one day I will go, but it’s a controlled environment and there is something artificial about it that makes it, “Not so magical”. The day that we stumbled upon this Butterfly Garden it was shocking because it wasn’t controlled, or artificial, it just seemed that everything that was wrong with the world was perfect right at that moment.  

I took quite a few pictures at the butterfly garden and I did the best I could with the circumstances. It was abnormally windy, at times, I would even get tossed around by the wind, and an hour after we left home I realized I forgot my tripod! So all in all these are two of the worst things that could happen to a photographer, but I made the best of it. 

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