As I stated in my previous post, In Jesus name., I had recently had the pleasure of visiting Fredericksburg, Texas.On my last day in Fredericksburg, I visited the Pacific War Museum, in one of the most beautiful buildings, located at the East end of Main Street. The Pacific War Museum in Fredericksburg is not like any other I have ever visited. 

This amazing full-scale plane is a TBF Avenger, designed by General Motors, and sent into action in the Battle of Midway on June 04, 1942. The crewmen of this plane were; Pilot Albert K. (Burt) Earnest, Radioman 3rd Class Harry H. Ferrier, and Seaman 1st Class Jay D. Manning. Manning operated the .50 Caliber Machine Gun Turret. Earnest was wounded so severely in his leg he was unable to push the brakes, he overshot the landing but managed to land what was left of the plane, safely. Ferrier was grazed by a bullet on the top of his head, leaving a gaping wound, and unfortunately, Manning was killed in action on this mission. These brave men were attacked by a Japanese fighter plane, Earnest and Ferrier were the only men to survive out of 48 men, and 21 plane Squadron that was sent out that deadly day. 

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Pacific War Museum, located in Fredericksburg, Texas;

Listen to Harry’s recollection of the battle;

Capt. Albert K. (Burt) Earnest Obituary;…21566/albert-kyle-earnest

Commander Harry H. Ferrier Obituary;…ies/goanacortes/obituary.aspx

** I want to send out a sincere and heartfelt Thank You to all Service Men and Women who put their lives on the line for our freedom, every single day. Also a Thank You to the families that stand by these brave Men and Women and support them through every battle, on and off the battlefield. **

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