Fredericksburg, TX is the quintessential sleepy southern country town, where everyone knows everyone, and the whole place shuts down at 9 pm. Nestled right in the middle of the Hill Country Vineyards, the Fredericksburg town theme is German, so having German blood myself, I was eager to try new foods and visit the local attractions with German roots. The town did not disappoint. 

The amazing church I took this in is, St. Mary’s Catholic Church, on West San Antonio Street in Fredericksburg. The church began with a handful of German immigrants in 1846 and has since grown to a full and faithful congregation.

From the moment that you step into St. Mary’s the beauty takes your breath away and the most peaceful feeling comes over you. When you first walk in your eyes are immediately drawn to the front of the church, and that is where I found this statue of Jesus hanging on the cross. The whole trip was worth this one shot. 

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