I’m finally back! After being on a studying hiatus, dealing with life, all rolled up with everything else that goes into being in Photography school, it all came to a head and priorities needed to be made. School first! So I am beyond excited to be back in the saddle once again! 

The photo above I took in Galveston, as many of my photos, but I chose this one in particular because of the decay and destruction of it. A building that I imagine was beautiful back in it’s “hay day” is now a towering mess, of crumbling concrete, bricks and mortar. I find these types of buildings stunningly beautiful. The once was, the life that filled the halls now long gone. Galveston is constantly in a state of construction. Everything changes on a daily basis, but it also stays the same. You can see the history lining each and every street but you can also see the new life being breathed into the tiny coastal city I call my second home. It is a weird mash-up of historic Galveston and new Galveston all rolled into one, and it strangely works. With every new coat of paint slapped on before the next storm, the energy and vibe of the town stay. 

This specific building sits right in between the gulf and “The Strand” which is the main road beside Seawall Blvd, in Galveston. Here we are barely a few weeks into a new hurricane season and we still have destruction from Harvey that hit us so hard last year. There are more and more buildings that take on the decay of years and years of being battered by hurricanes, and the elements. They are just beautiful to me, the history of what they did for the community and who walked their halls, what important decisions were made there, is mesmerizing. Every building is so important to the very fabric of any community, but the abandoned buildings are just as important to history as any other. 

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