So first let me tell you a few things before I get into why this post is called, “Texas birds”. I dislike birds, my Mom had dozens of them and they were gross and mean! I avoid birds at all costs, to me they’re unpredictable and sketchy. One minute they’re adorable and the next they’re taking a chunk out of your face!! No thank you!!!!! 

The reason why this title is “Texas Birds” is because these birds down here are unlike any birds I have ever dealt with in my entire life. As I have said in several earlier posts, I have lived all over the United States…literally from coast to coast and from North to South, so I have experienced A LOT! 

The birds down here are, for a lack of a better word, they’re “Gangsta”! These birds do not care if you have a stick, a buggy, a bag of groceries, kids, granny, a gun or a knife, they’re coming for ya! PERIOD! Get ready because they are going to try and take whatever you got. The Wal Mart gangs are the worst of them all. I believe they’re a type of Raven, they are literally bigger than small dogs and their wingspan is insane. I have a Teacup Yorkie and they would overpower her and not even think twice. The scream they have will send chills down your spine. YES! THEY SCREAM! And, they fight each other! They. Fight. Eachother. It’s the most bizarre thing, and I’ve never seen anything like it. 

The bird in this picture (not part of a Wal Mart gang) was sitting on the pier (it’s part of a Galveston Beach gang) as I was taking sunset pictures. From the moment I walked onto the pier, this particular bird stared me down, so I stared back thinking that he would fly away and that would be the end of it. Well, not this Texas Gangsta bird! He stared me down, mean muggin the whole time and then made some weird noises, his buddies came on over and threatened me too. So I figured that I would take his picture seeing as it seemed like he was posing for the picture, and I wanted to irritate him a little. So I took his picture being a smart-alec, and he (I’m POSITIVE) was giving me a dirty look. The picture came out so good! There is no filter on this, no altering at all. The one picture of a bird that I actually love and I believe he was threatening me the whole time. LOL! I was a tad afraid, I won’t lie! 

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