Honestly I know NOTHING about flowers, I have no “green thumb” at all, but I love to photograph them whenever I can. I think the fragility of flowers is intriguing seeing as different flowers need different things to survive, like people. They’re beautiful, bright and full of life when nurtured and die when neglected. Like people, they have a cycle. 

I have a Magnolia tree in my front yard, and I have tried to get this very picture for about 3 years, with no luck until now. Magnolias are so fragile and quick to bloom and die, you have to almost sit next to the tree to catch the full bloom. It’s not just catching the bloom that is amazing, it’s catching the bloom without the dreaded brown spots all over them that is the trick. I love this picture so much that I made several different versions of it so when I print it off to hang on my wall, I can print several versions for the collage frame. 

Below is another view of the same flower that I wanted to include with this post. I will also post this same photo in a separate post due to the fact that the rest of the Social Media platforms that I am a part of will not link the two posts the right way.  


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