Grace Church, Galveston, Tx.

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I photograph Galveston a lot, partly because the place feels so magical to me and it happens to be one of my favorite places on earth. It also helps that it’s basically in my backyard according to Texas standards, so I’m there quite a bit.

The architecture of the city is forever changing due to the large amount of the hurricanes and tropical storms that hit the island throughout the year. Galveston is in a constant state of change but yet it still manages to remains to stay the same. The complex and complicated state that Galveston is in at any given time is what  gives it its charm, and character, but it gives it a feel that is like no other. It is as if Galveston has a heartbeat and a soul of its own. It’s truly amazing!

I am a sucker for a beautiful building, I will pull over in the middle of traffic or hang out the passenger window to get the shot. The Grace Episcopal Church is one of those buildings that stopped me in my tracks. I just HAD to get this shot! The pictures don’t do the Neo-Gothic architecture justice, the building is absolutely breathtaking. The Grace church was built in 1894, and added to the National Registry of Historical Places in April of 1975. It was another great work by Architect Nicholas J. Clayton, who is responsible for quite a few amazing structures scattered all over Galveston. In my opinion, Nicholas Clayton and his designs are a major factor on what give Galveston its “life” to this day.   

The grand structure is located “off the beaten path” for Galveston, as it’s tucked away on a residential street, it sticks out amongst the homes but yet blends in all at the same time. Standing in front of the grand building is mesmerizing as you can imagine how many generations of families that still crowd those beautiful red doors, and fill those phews every week. For sure one of my favorites.         

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