Hello, Beautiful world!!! WOW, what an INSANE few weeks I have had! I have a few reasons for posting this beautiful bouquet of flowers. So here we go……..

To make a SUPER long story short, I am really lucky to be alive after an extremely severe reaction to an antibiotic, and then ANOTHER severe reaction to ANOTHER antibiotic. I REALLY thought that I was going to die and when I was sure I was going to live I was positive I was going to lose my SH!#!!!!! I GIVE MY HUSBAND ALL THE CREDIT, HE KEPT ME AND THIS HOUSE TOGETHER!! BUT, I am FINALLY, after 2 weeks, of laying in the bed and not leaving my room, maybe 4 times total, I am feeling somewhat human. So while I am feeling “kinda” human, I figured I would put out a post and give a bit of inspiration. I also have friends and family all over the country that have been plagued with flooding, bad weather, and just bad everything all the way around. So everyone (but me, I live in SW Texas, it’s an oven here already!) is praying for warmer weather, I thought I would give everyone a little hope for the next few hours or weeks, however, you want to look at it. 🙂 Ok, maybe that’s a stretch, if you just say, “WOW, that’s pretty!”, then that’s perfect for me because I do understand that this isn’t the best picture in the world but still. I hope y’all have a blessed weekend! 

In case you are wondering, I took this photo with my iPhone-7plus, not my Canon. I took it last Spring/ Summer ’17, there is a slight enhancement of the purple and green but, there is no filter on it, and this is the very first shot that it took of it. It is a cropped shot but it is the first one. 


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