I took this picture in Galveston on Sunday, January 28th. It was cloudy and raining all that day, I was extremely nervous on whether I would get any shots at all. But, in true Galveston form, it did not disappoint. I got some of the best pictures that I have ever taken, which I will post in the coming weeks.

I was standing on the pier taking sunset shots, with the wind whipping and the waves crashing around me, when I turned around and candidly took this shot of the moon. Normally taking a shot like this requires a tripod and (most of the time) special lenses and equipment. This one, I focused in as tight as I could, made my adjustments and told my husband to hold my arms, to reduce camera shake, and I fired off 3 or 4 quick shots and this is the very first one I got. Due to the circumstances, and the years I waited to take this picture, I have never been so proud in all my life. No special lenses, tripods, gadgets or lighting, just nature doing what it does. So beautiful and breathtaking!

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