Although this is not a picture of the blue moon/ blood moon/ supermoon that occurred this morning…. this is a picture that I took in Galveston a few days ago, on Sunday, January 28th. I am in LOVE!! 

In my opinion, and of course, this is only my opinion; once you have gotten a picture of the moon to the point that you can see detail in it, you have cleared a huge hurdle in photography. That amazing moment that you have gotten a picture of an object that you have no control over and it comes out so perfectly, it is satisfying to the soul. When you accomplish such a huge personal goal, your understanding of how to conquer your fears of certain situations becomes clearer but it instills a certain sense of pride that “you can do this”. I think everyone has had that doubtful little voice in their head that reminds them that their dream is too big, or there is no way that YOU could actually accomplish this and you’re in way over your head. We are our own worst critics! Since embarking on this photography journey, I have had to quiet that little annoying voice A LOT. I have always been obsessed with the moon and have always wanted to take a picture of this caliber. So this shot means so much more to me than “just a picture”.

Seeing as it was cloudy and raining all that day, I was kind of nervous on whether I would get any shots at all. But, in true Galveston form, it did not disappoint. I got some of the best pictures that I have ever taken, which I will post in the coming weeks.

I was standing on the pier taking sunset shots, with the wind whipping and the waves crashing around me, when I turned around and candidly took this shot of the moon. Normally taking a shot like this requires a tripod and (most of the time) special lenses and equipment. This one, I focused in as tight as I could, made my adjustments and told my husband to hold my arms, to reduce camera shake, and I fired off 3 or 4 quick shots and this is the very first one I got. Due to the circumstances, and the years I waited to take this picture, I have never been so proud in all my life. No special lenses, tripods, gadgets or lighting, just nature doing what it does, along with practice and dedication. So beautiful and breathtaking!  

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