Today I am participating in the “Throwback Thursday” theme. Honestly, I’m not even sure if people still do this (I don’t see people do it all that much anymore) but I thought this would be appropriate for today.

I have a 7-year-old Grandson, he’s in First Grade, I’m 41. Let us not do that math quite yet and just move on, for now, I will get to that story a little later. Although my Grandson was a “surprise” for the entire family, I wouldn’t give that boy up for anything in this whole world. He is the spitting image of his Dad (my son) who is the spitting image of me. Lord help this world! Zayden is a quick-witted, EXTREMELY intelligent, grown man, in a tiny body. To talk to him you would never know that he was “only 7”, he gets jokes that other kids don’t, and he can carry on a conversation with an adult that other adults just don’t get. The boy is my son to a “T” when he was little. 

All of that being said, Zayden is very technologically intelligent as are most kids these days. Zayden is a little different due to the fact that he is being raised in a house FULL of technological adults, but mostly his Dad who has for sure rubbed off on him. We all have a tablet, a TV, high-tech phones, accounts across social media and so on. Zayden talks about technology as if it was his first language and not just an option to make life easier. As a toddler, I handed him my phone saying, “It’s locked he won’t be able to get into it!” Even my son said, “Mom, you don’t want to do that!” I reassured my son that it would be fine for him to have my phone. Zayden not only unlocked it, but he also took pics of the family, he edited them and then posted ALL of them to my FB, and he did it in the correct order. He was TWO! I never handed him my phone again with free reign. EVER! LOL! 

To look at the stark contrast from the picture above to what we live in today, it seems it could literally be a thousand years in between then and now. Even though it is more than 130 years in between, those 130 years changed everything. They changed the way we communicate, the way we travel, the way we treat each other, the way we eat, the way we think, and the way we merely exist is totally different than it would be. Their “tablet” was a tiny chalkboard and now we can literally talk to someone “face to face” from across the world, while sitting in our own living room, on a tiny little box we put in our pocket. It took kids like my Grandson to make all of this happen. Where would we be today if not for these genius children who grew up with so many questions that could not be logically answered with today’s information? They made their own way, they found the answers and then some. Never discount a “crazy idea” or the imagination of a child because tomorrow that child’s “imagination” could be our way of life and change the world. 

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