Wonder those lost roads…..

Living among the ever-changing bright lights of Houston, I try to venture to the outskirts every now and again to visit “the past”, those little things about country living that will never change no matter how the city evolves. 

This is the inside of a 1950’s Chevy Pickup Truck, well worn and well placed in the front of the souvenir shop. The outside worn to the frame with rust, in spots, busted lights and broken handles it leaves a lot to the imagination. As soon as I saw the truck, I pictured kids riding in the bed racing down a dirt road laughing on a hot summer’s day as Grandpa gave them a quick scare with a dip in the gravel road. The more I looked at it the more I saw a family relying on this one vehicle for the sustenance of life. Relying on these very four wheels for the nourishment of the family, the progression of the farm, of which, the whole town relies on. 


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