Sacred Heart Church, Galveston.

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The moment you drive into Galveston Island, Texas, you immediately notice the intermingling of modern and well kept structures intertwined with weathered and worn older homes and buildings. The more you wander the Island, the more your imagination can peel back the layers of over 193 years of life on the Island. 

The structure above is Sacred Heart Church Catholic Parish. It is so stunning in real life, no photo can honestly do it justice. I took this picture last March on a rainy day, which adds to the mystique of the buildings Fleur De Lis peaks, and its majestic dome that span an entire city block. The building is breathtaking, and  beautiful that you just stand there in awe of the size and intricate detail that adorn every inch of the massive structure. 

The original structure was built in June, 1884 and the first mass was held a little more than a month later in July, 1884. Unfortunately the “Great Storm of 1900” which destroyed most of the Island and claimed more than 6,000 – 8,000 lives, also claimed the original structure. In the storms wake the only things that remain at the building you see today are; 2 stained glass windows, the mass bell, the statue of the Sacred Heart, and the original crucifix. The beautiful building you see today is the rebuild that opened on January 17th, 1904. 



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