So normally I wouldn’t have posted a close up of this sort but I couldn’t resist this one. The other night my husband and I were having a few drinks to kick off the weekend and this shot presented itself. The shot was so perfect and looked like an advertisement so I had to take it. It didn’t disappoint. 

I have had my phone for almost a year now and honestly, I don’t really take many pictures with it because it has not impressed me all that much, until now! This shot was taken with my iPhone 7 Plus. I simply pulled my phone out and took the shot, no fancy lights, no fancy equipment, no fancy editing, just the phone and my kitchens horrible lighting. I have taken a lot of pictures in my day and this is one of my favorites. The detail, the colors, the fruit, the setting, the circumstances, everything in the universe was perfect at this moment! Maybe I will use the phone a lot more, seeing as it has helped me produce this masterpiece. 

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