Selective Color is my most recent photography obsession! However, selective color is not popular at all these days and everyone seems to hate it. “It’s SO 80’s!”,  but in my opinion, if it’s done correctly it’s timeless, like Betty White. LOL! Every person that I speak to that is in the photography field says that editing is the worst! Editing is the best part of the photography process. Editing is relaxing! When I take the picture I can see the edited version in my head, so when it comes to fruition it feels like my own personal Christmas and I got the perfect present.

Selective Color style, I find it stirs up more questions than any other type of photography style. Why did the photographer only select that one object(s) to color? Why did the photographer select that specific color? Why did they chose that specific object and not another object in the shot? Questions, whether you have answers or not lead to a love of the photo and the craft itself. 

I absolutely love old barns, abandoned houses and buildings, bc like the Selective Color style of photography, it provokes thoughts and questions. Why did the structure go into disrepair in the first place? How many people have passed through the doors? Where are the owners now? For homes, I imagine children opening presents on Christmas, Birthday parties and all the great memories that come with a family home. In my opinion, these things have a huge impact on the shot, and they can literally make or break it. 

The barn pictured here is located in the “old section” of Montgomery, Texas. It is nestled in among the old homes, now turned into small businesses and cafes in the older section built in the early 1800s. It is not something that I set out to find, we just happened to stumble upon it and that is what makes it so intriguing. 

“A good photograph makes you question everything about it. A great photograph makes you fall in love with the mystery and art of the photograph knowing that you may never get the answers to your questions.”                                -Beth Ramirez

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