When you see the world through a lens, the perfect picture can be seen in a split second and it speaks so loud. This is one of those pictures for me.  How many people have shown up every Sunday to pray their sins away, or plead to the Lord for a family member or a friend? How many have shown up for Mass, with loved ones to share in the blessed day of Christmas? No matter the number, there is one thing that is clear without even walking through the doors, it is a beautiful and breathtaking building. A breathtaking building that holds so many decades of secrets, for so many dozens of people. 

This picture is, hands down, one of my absolute favorite pictures that I have ever taken. It may have been the circumstances, just driving by and I randomly yelled “STOP” from the passenger’s seat, or it may have just been that I could see the end result of the picture when I glanced over at the church itself. Who really knows, maybe it was all of the above? Nonetheless, St. Patrick’s Catholic Church located in Galveston, Texas just makes you say, “WOW” when you pass it. Without the filters, without the bells and whistles, its beauty speaks volumes without even trying. 

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