This building is the Railroad Museum located in Galveston, Texas. Facing downtown Galveston, it sits right off the main road, of which us locals call “The Strand”. I live about an hour North of Galveston but I always refer to the Island as, “My second home” so we are there as often as we can be. This very building sits right smack in the middle of what was an open air morgue for the thousands of residences after the “Great Storm” of 1900 hit Galveston with no warning and no discrimination. 

As a little stay-cation, my husband and I took a few days out of the rat-race last March and went to treat ourselves to “us time”. My husband decided to book us a late night Ghost tour, which was horribly disappointing. As we were leaving and heading back to the hotel, I quickly turned around, pointed my camera took the shot and got in the car. So you can imagine the shock I got when I uploaded this to my computer and it was perfect. Well, in my eyes it’s perfect anyway. The only thing I did to the pic was add a B&W filter, and voila’ there it is! This is the shot that made me fall in love with Architectural photography.  

This picture really could go with my previous post of “Simplicity”. In my opinion, what makes this a great shot is the fact that, other than the B&W filter, it looks unchanged from what my naked eyes saw as I captured the shot. 


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