Over the period of my 41 years on this earth, I have taken thousands of pictures. Every one of those pictures mean the world to me, but this one may just be in my top 10 favorite. So simple, but the beauty of it speaks so loud. 

In such a fast paced world of technology everywhere you look, we tend to lose the beauty of the most simplest things. When I took this picture, I wanted to capture the beauty of nature but the true colors of it as well. I wanted to capture the beauty of nature without the help of photoshop or lightroom as I see hundreds of photographers do daily. I think that the help of editing software is priceless in some forms, in fact, I use them myself. But, if you can take a pic without much help from an editing software, and have it speak to you, then that is what makes you a good photographer and your pictures stand out among the thousands. 



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