I am in love with black and white photos, they are elegant in every form and they leave so much to the imagination. My absolute favorites are black and whites of the past, because of the mystery it leaves swirling around in your mind. 

My husband and I were driving around one Sunday afternoon and literally stumbled upon this tiny farm in the middle of an, otherwise modern neighborhood. The fact that this farm was nestled in the middle of this modern neighborhood was amazing, but what made it better was, the fact that there were multiple houses, a old school house, three barns, an outhouse, a campsite, farm animals, and everything to take care of them right there at my photography finger tips. 

A farmers market was set up in a tiny little field off to the right of everything, with about a dozen visitors milling around. On one side there were 3 little white pier-and-beam homes on a plot of farmland from the early 1900’s and on the other side, a modern day high school in full view of the porch of this very home. To walk into these homes is literally so overwhelming that it took me by surprise. The smells, the sounds, the surroundings both inside and out are so authentic that it feels like you are in an entirely different world. In each home there are some of the more “modern” conveniences of today, such as the TV in the above picture but they are scarce and it was still a shock to the senses. To stand on the porch and take in all of the differences in worlds of yesteryear and today, it was hard to believe. Just to imagine the homeowner standing there on the porch surrounded by fields of wheat and corn, and you are standing there surrounded by modern vehicles, people taking pictures with their phones that can do everything, and me standing there with a camera that they would have never been able to understand, was jaw dropping. 

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