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What am I excited about?

Today’s challenge is for me to write about something that I am excited about. Honestly, I believe in, and feel so deeply about everything I do. When I do something, no matter what it is, I do it full force and with all I am inside and out. I go out of my way to do months or even years of research. No matter how long it takes me, I do everything 110% and with everything in my soul. It is exhausting the majority of the time but it has become who I am.

When I was little, no one ever took pictures unless it was a special occasion, well at least in my family that’s how it worked. This whole act of taking pics, or lack-there-of, set the stage for my obsession with taking pics.

I have always been a “picture person”. There was even a joke going around the family years ago that no one really knew what I looked like because I constantly had a camera, of some sort, in front of my face.

I believe, a picture can tell so much about the subject of the picture, and it speaks even louder of the person taking the picture. It can really tell you about the mental state of the photographer and how that person sees the world. Just the ability alone to be able to see life through the eyes of someone else is absolutely amazing to me. To experience the same exact situation but see it through a totally different perspective is so fascinating. Or, to be able to live my life as normal, but live through pictures of someone else at that exact same time, half way around the world is, amazing. That is the impact I live for.

Lately I have been taking my pictures a lot more seriously and it seems to be paying off in my favor. I went out and bought a professional camera with professional lenses and just having the camera in my hand makes me happy and at peace with myself. I got the camera with no expectations of an outcome but I seem to be quite good at taking pictures and editing them. So far, so good. I have got a long way to go but I am starting off on a great foot and from here it can only get better. I plan on taking a few photography classes just to learn the more advanced settings but at this point writing and taking pictures are what soothes my soul. I love it….I live for it! I am so excited to learn and get better at doing both, writing and photography that it is literally all I think about. I have started a “My Photography” category within this blog, please feel free to stop in and let me know what you think.

Hi there, and Welcome! My name is Beth and this is my little corner of the world. This blog is for all who struggle with the daily whirlwind of life. I want this to be a place for escape, even if only for a moment. This is a photography and "lifestyle" blog of sorts, one through pictures and small snippets of my thoughts and my world to go along with it.   I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I speak on what I know, and there is always something to be learned from every day you open your eyes. I believe that everyone has a purpose in this life, and mine is to ease as many souls as possible through my photography and writing. My sincerity is authentic, and my words are heartfelt.  I have lived all over the United States from North Carolina, to California, and from Illinois, and finally resting here in Houston, Texas. What started as a vacation to the Houston area turned out to be the best move we have ever made. My tires hit the pavement and I knew I was "home". When your soul is at peace everything in life becomes clearer and less confusing, so that alone, I know will help when conveying what I need to say here.  This Blog is about real life, real hardships, the laughs, the tears, and the ways to keep your head up when it feels like the world is against you. Taking a picture is like pushing the "pause" button on life, and when done, that split second becomes magical relating your message without saying a word. Seeing the world through someone else's eyes, I believe, helps us as individuals open our hearts and our minds to peek into the souls of our neighbors. I am not "PC" by any means, this is real life, real thoughts, and real experiences, so if you have questions, or something to say, by all means say it or feel free to contact me with questions or comments. Thanks for visiting and happy reading. ❤📕💻📸

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