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Who invented the camera? Johann Zahn designed the first camera in 1685. But the first photograph was clicked by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in the year 1814. It was thousands of years back that an Iraqi scientist Ibn- al- Haytham made a mention of this kind of a device in his book, Book of Optics in 1021. Courtesy of; Google and

I am opening this category with the evolution of the camera, for obvious reasons. It is mind boggling how the camera went from something so large, bulky, and awkward, to end up in a small rectangle screen that fits in your pocket. The possibilities of any type of modern day camera are limitless and with a good editing program you can turn a mundane picture into a classic work of art in a matter on minutes. All of my pictures that I will post here are taken with my Canon EOS Rebel T6. I may from time to time take pictures with my iphone 7 plus, but if that ever happens, it will be marked as such. 856EFD40-284F-4B8C-9397-F5CBACD24C8A

When it was coined; “A picture speaks a thousand words”, that couldn’t be more true. With every picture I take I always ask myself, “What can this one moment in time say or what can this spark in the mind of the person who is looking at it?” If I can answer those questions, that is when I know the picture is perfect for the taking. Granted I am an amateur photographer, but my heart and soul go into every picture I take so that has got to count for something.

History behind this picture;

Located in the middle of a ordinary neighborhood, in Spring, Texas right outside of Houston is a place called Wunderlich Farm. From the moment that you step out of the car, it is as if you are transported back in time to the late 1800’s. On the property sits 6 buildings, all of which are a museum within themselves. Wandering thru each building smelling the old wood rotting, the creaking of the old floors, the dust in the air, the musty remnants of what use to be come rushing over you. The picture above was taken in one of those museums located on the farm property, open to the public, and we are encouraged to take pictures, so I was in heaven. Each camera tells such an amazing story of what “use to be”, who used it, how many great family memories were captured with it, or how many heartaches were captured with it. The possibilities are endless and so are the questions, and that is why I love photography, there is no end, no finality, it goes on forever to make people smile, to make endless people happy.


Disclaimer: All photos, writings and content posted within this blog are my original pictures and writings, any reproduction of them will result in legal action.

Hi there, and Welcome! My name is Beth and this is my little corner of the world. This blog is for all who struggle with the daily whirlwind of life. I want this to be a place for escape, even if only for a moment. This is a photography and "lifestyle" blog of sorts, one through pictures and small snippets of my thoughts and my world to go along with it.   I don't pretend to have all the answers, but I speak on what I know, and there is always something to be learned from every day you open your eyes. I believe that everyone has a purpose in this life, and mine is to ease as many souls as possible through my photography and writing. My sincerity is authentic, and my words are heartfelt.  I have lived all over the United States from North Carolina, to California, and from Illinois, and finally resting here in Houston, Texas. What started as a vacation to the Houston area turned out to be the best move we have ever made. My tires hit the pavement and I knew I was "home". When your soul is at peace everything in life becomes clearer and less confusing, so that alone, I know will help when conveying what I need to say here.  This Blog is about real life, real hardships, the laughs, the tears, and the ways to keep your head up when it feels like the world is against you. Taking a picture is like pushing the "pause" button on life, and when done, that split second becomes magical relating your message without saying a word. Seeing the world through someone else's eyes, I believe, helps us as individuals open our hearts and our minds to peek into the souls of our neighbors. I am not "PC" by any means, this is real life, real thoughts, and real experiences, so if you have questions, or something to say, by all means say it or feel free to contact me with questions or comments. Thanks for visiting and happy reading. ❤📕💻📸

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